US Mongolia

Mongolia For US Visitors Mongolia appeals to a very particular kind of visitor - one who is willing to be adventurous, open-minded and wishes to experience one of most pristine and untouched nations on the planet.

Mongolia Travel Tips

The Best Time to Travel to Mongolia

The best time to travel to Mongolia is from May to October because the climate is conducive at those times of the year. But you can also visit not in these period as long as you carry along accessories, tools and equipment to help you out in cold climate, dust storms and other hardships associated with bad weather. Travel in July if you want to see the Naadam Centenary, although that time is the wettest time of the year. The finest time to travel to Gobi desert is June or September as this is the time with conducive desert heat.

Means of Transport

You can travel by air or train to and from Mongolia. You can first travel from the USA to Beijing, China; Tokyo or Osaka, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Moscow, Russia; or Berlin, Germany before connecting a flight to Mongolia. MIAT Mongolian Airlines, the national airline, connects these flights. The MIAT Mongolian Airlines connects the flights from Singapore and Hong Kong in the contract basis. You can opt to travel by train if you want to enjoy sight-seeing by travelling in the Trans-Mongolian Railways between Moscow and Beijing. The train crosses through Ulaanbaatar. Chinese and Russian trains operate the whole journey which lasts about six days.


Generally, you are required to have a visa before entering Mongolian territory. However, this is not always the case because of joint agreements made between some countries. Visas are obtained from the Visa and Passport Division of the Ministry of External Relations in Ulaanbaatar. You can also obtain visa at Mongolian Embassies, Honorary Consulates, and Trade and Permanent Missions abroad.

Due to changing visa regulations, it is now not possible to pay money for visa at the airfield upon arriving or at Mongolian boundary. You are required to obtain visa in advance. Your passport is needed for all types of visa application; also passport-size photograph and a completed application form must be submitted. Passports should be valid for a minimum period of six months. A tourist visa is charged about $25 and a transit visa about $15, when obtained in advance. Urgent visa application is charged $50 and if you need to obtain visa at the boundary points you are charged $30. Recently, some charges have been included for Police Registration procedures. Find out latest information about visas from the US embassy or consulate in advance before traveling.

Banking and Transactions

Major currencies are accepted for exchange at most banks and larger hotels in Ulaanbaatar. The US currency is the most widely accepted. You can get cash advances on your credit card and exchange traveller’s cheque. Credit cards accepted include American Express, MasterCard and VISA. In the Aimag Centre, you will find more than one bank but they won’t be able to accept traveller’s cheque or credit cards. The exchange rate for changing the US currency outside the capital is usually lesser. The Trade and Development Bank is one of the most centrally located banks for cashing credit cards and traveller’s cheque. Licensed money changers offer better exchange rates if you have US currency in cash.


On arrival, every tourist is required to complete a customs declaration form, which is retained by Mongolian authorities until your departure. You are required to disclose contents of checked-in baggage if it surpasses $1000.