US Mongolia

Mongolia For US Visitors Mongolia appeals to a very particular kind of visitor - one who is willing to be adventurous, open-minded and wishes to experience one of most pristine and untouched nations on the planet.

Gobi Desert Hotels in Mongolia

The Gobi desert in Mongolia stretches over 500,000 square miles of dunes, plains and mountains. Its inhospitable conditions have long challenged even seasoned travelers. This has changed as Mongolia expanded its tourism industry to include permanent hospitality services in the Gobi desert. You will experience a hotel like no other in the Gobi desert—worth spending your money on your stay.

Place to Stay

Hotels in the Gobi desert tend to be built near special attractions such as the Khongor Sand Dunes, the Flaming Cliffs at Bayanzag, etc. One place to stop over for a stay before entering the dunes is the Juulchin Gobi 2 Camp. It is spacious and clean. Inside the dunes, you can stop over for a stay at the Khongor Camp, which sits just outside the dunes of the South Gobi.

Desert Lodgings

When looking for accommodation in the Cobi desert, be prepared for a Mongolian Yurt experience. Yurts are referred to as gers in the native dialect. It features complexly connected, spider-like frame covered with felt mats made from local sheep, camels and yaks. Its interior design range from modern and luxurious to basic dorm experience. Yurts better withstand desert conditions than modern building structures because of the integrity of the folding wooden frame, which provides comfortable shelter during sandstorms or high winds. The felt coating provides insulation that protects against freezing desert evening conditions.

What to Expect When Visiting the Gobi Desert

The pinnacle of Mongolian culture has been the hospitality and warmth of its people. They have demonstrated this culture for hundreds of years to date. Expect generous helpings of hearty food, spotless conditions, guided cultural and sightseeing activities and eager greeting from the locals. Most accommodations include various single beds per yurt with communal bathrooms since showers are heated from a wood-fired heating system or central solar-powered system. There is only one luxury establishment in the Cobi desert; the Three Camel Lodge. It features plus king-size beds and boutique locally produced bath products.

Booking Your Hotel

Only few of the available accommodations in Cobi desert have websites and not even one has reservation systems for individual tourists. Most tourists to the country travel on package tours, which take care of hotel bookings and coordinate with hotels. But locations have begun to work directly with consumers as independent travel and luxury travel increase. You can book accommodations over email but it can be slow progress with difficult phone and internet connectivity. So, booking through a Mongolian travel agency is the simplest option.

More About the Gobi Desert

People have mixed reviews when coming out of the Gobi desert. This is understood from the vast expanses of the land in the desert, which involved an exhausting amount of driving in a Gobi tour van. You may have little time to see the actual sites while driving in the tour van. You may spent about 8 hours driving on the seat of a Russian van with little time spent enjoying the actual desert. You spend more time only looking through the van window. But the saving grace of the tour is when you arrive at the incredible hotels in the desert, which are a great site.