US Mongolia

Mongolia For US Visitors Mongolia appeals to a very particular kind of visitor - one who is willing to be adventurous, open-minded and wishes to experience one of most pristine and untouched nations on the planet.

Amazing Things to Do and See in Mongolia

Mongolia, one of the world’s last unexploited destination, offers a challenging face to even the most adventurous travellers, with dry plains stretching as far as the eye can see, fewer cities and fewer roads. It is a land of extremes, mystery, and of measureable space where people still hunt with eagles and shamanism is still practiced. Mongolia is as diverse as it is dramatic; from dense forests of the north, rugged mountains, rolling deserts dunes of the south, to the lush grasslands of the central plains. This is a land where history, landscape and culture are inseparably entwined, and nomadic herders move about the vast steppe as they have done in the past. The hospitality of Mongolians is boundless as its terrain. This is a place you would like to spend your money visiting various attractions and fun it offers.

Have Tea with the Locals

Throughout Mongolia, the tea ceremony goes beyond a simple drinking experience and provides an opportunity for both friends and strangers to bond in silent. The land is blasted with cold temperatures for much of the year, so welcoming visitors with a hot cup of soothing tea is practical physical necessity. Locals will ask you to join them, whether you are asking for direction in a family’s yurt or passing by. Slowly and artfully, a pot of salted yak’s milk tea is prepared over the yurt’s central stove. You may find the tea unsettling due to addition of salt and yak’s milk, but just take minuscule sips of the tea to embrace the warm welcome.

Ride Across the Steppe with a Horse

Riding by car or bus in Mongolia is not the same as at home because the unkempt roads and rocky terrain provide for a slow and positively painful experience. You won’t have the comfortable, sheltering ride through the country. A horse provides great, smooth maneuvering over the difficult terrain. Tour operators include horse rides in their tours. For maximum comfort request a leather saddle. When travelling independently, go for a short excursion with a horse tour operator.

Countryside Naadam Games

Khatgal countryside Naadam games provides for a fun and memorable experience. It has none of the long queues or crowds of the big festival in UB. Plus the atmosphere is excellent, enhanced by the legendary hospitality of the Mongolian people. Competitors take part in usually three sports; wrestling, horse racing and archery.

Stay Overnight in a Yurt

Experience the fascinating scenery of wooden frames of yurts rising gracefully from the steppes all over Mongolian countryside. The Yurt rustic exterior and thick covering of felted wool, skins, and furs provides warmth and hospitality. Inside, the Yurt is typically carpeted with an array of furnishings. Don’t miss one of the most eye-opening parts of Mongolian culture by missing to visit the Yurt. In the Gobi, you will find the luxury, eco-friendly three-camel lodge. Fitted inside are king-sized beds, spa facilities and locally produced toiletries.

The Tsaatan Darhad Valley

The Tsaatan Darhad Valley is home to the Tsaatan Reindeer people. It is in the remote Northwestern corner of Mongolia but hosts the most fascinating scenery—lush green meadows, pine forests of the Siberian Taiga, and crystal clear lakes and rivers.